Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Choose Not To Participate In The Recession. Don't buy into all this negative crap. People are and people will continue to prosper even in this economy.
Your attitude will determine your altitude. Choose to fly high. Be the winner your are destined to be. Help someone along the way. Choose the moral high ground. Be the best you can be. Strive for excellence. YOU CAN DO IT!
What is it with all the crooks and theives out there. Bernard M. At age 70. Disgrace. Hurting people, messing up lives. And now we pay to take care of him, the rest of his life. He pimped and lied. The WallStreet pimps. GM and the other American car companies.
America Wake Up. Let us do good things. Let us help people. Let us lead by example as we are called to do and be. Now is the Time. Today is the day. We are the ones to make it happen. Yes We Can. Yes We Must. Can we count on YOU? 3/14/2009

Congrats to the Six Time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. The lesson to take away. Whatever your game. Play all sixty minutes. Never give up. Never quit.
Our new President has to be the hardest working president I have ever seen. He started working the day after the election and has not quit yet. The question is: What are we doing? You know its a new day. Time to roll up our sleeves, pitch in, get busy and all that. In bad times there are opportunities. So stop buying the hype and do your thing. Get a part-time job, start your home business, get you a hustle. I used to deliver the USA Today. 4AM in the morning, five days a week. Three hours a day. Better than a grand a month. Self employed. Sharing in the American Dream. Enough time left in the week for a job and another huustle! Plus tax benefits.
Look there are a lot of things wrong out here. You set the standard. Treat people with dignity and respect, help folk. Make that money. Join us at Helping you get your piece of the American Dream. Skip 2/11/2009

This recent election and moving into the new year, I think that we have all discovered that this place we call home (America, USA) is in trouble and we all need to be doing our part to make this place a better place.
Whatever happened to striving for excellence in all we do, treating people the way we want to be treated with dignity and respect. Being honest and above board. Setting the example. Setting the pace.

I don't know about you, but don't you find it suprising and disappointing that all three US car manufacturers are jacked-up? The banking industry , housing industry, and the stock market are jacked up too.
Looking forward to a new year, a new president and a new beginning. We have got to begin where we are to do the right thing, take personal responsibility for ourselves, our children, our families, and our communities. Handle our business the right way.

Visit us a , helping you handle your business and share in the American Dream. You business resource. Our goal is to provide you information, links, contacts, features, articles and advertising that will save you time, money and help you be more successful.

Skip Boykin 12/26/2008

This election and the debates are putting the issues out there on the table for the world to see. This is an important time in history and it is clear that we all need to step up, take personal responsibility and strive for excellence and be the best we can be. The old days are gone. We face new challenges and as Americans we have what it takes to solve, lead and prosper. Although there are many, many problems we also know that there are opportunities, to help, contribute, to grow, to lead, to produce and to improve. Answer YOUR CALL. Use your knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help someone else.

You know we are living in some very troubled times. This is a turning point for us all. My calling is to encourage and provide resources for my fellow entreprenuers. We all have experience, knowledge, wisdom and resources to share that can help other people along the way. This is my first Blog attempt. Just know that I am ready to help you get your piece of the American Dream. I encourage you all to lend your personal experience to help someone else grow and prosper. Develop multiple streams of income that lead to rivers, lakes, oceans and seas of prosperity and blessing for us all. The challenges we face are certain victories for us all, working together for the common good. God Bless America and our free enterprise system. Its time that we rise to the next level!

Skip Boykin
"opportunitynowhere" - What do you see? 9/20/2008


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Couples Massage Today at Massage Envy, McMurray, Pa. Louann & Bri. You guys are the best. You got to check out Massage Envy.
Look my body is a little jacked, but wow. Cleanliness, atmosphere, professionalism. My neck, my arms, back sooo much better.
So, now did I mentioned that I was at Massage Envy Today in McMurray, Pa.

I got four, count them. Four days off. A little Stay-cation, with the love of my life. His & her massages, some shopping. Hollar!

Multiple streams of income lead to rivers, lakes ,& oceans of blessings and opportunity to bless and be blessed

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Last night I went to The Waterfront. Not to shop. Not to eat. Walked on the walking trail along the Mon River. Never knew it was there.
Used to be the site of a steel mill. Now it's a shoopping, dining complex.Visiting Pgh., hit me up, I'll send you some places to check out.

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Big fun at the Pittsburgh Pirates game last night. Great park, wonderful skyline, weather was nice. Pirates won - good defense & offense.
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I got an IPOD Touch for Father's Day! Understand I just got rid of my 8 Tracks (smile) It has been a good weekend. Much love to all the Dads
I am blessed to have three sons.. The best decission I ever made was to marry their mom and take care of my kids. Not preaching, just saying
Wasn't easy, still ain't. Four grandchildren and 32 years later.I know what favor feels like. It's all good. I am not just father, I am dad.
Been to hockey game today. Grandson scored 8 goals. He said 10. Me & Gram only saw 8. He can skate! Start young in burg. He is 6 Call Pens.
Love your kids. Be there for them Take care of them. They are a gift. Let them know they can count on you.They grow up so quick. Guide them.

Check Out My Boy Charles Ott from Pittsburgh! Welcome to my gallery of pen and ink drawings featuring the burg!

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Dedication. I have learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors
to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours...If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost; that is where the should be. Now put the foundations under them. Henry David Thoreau. TGIF. Its the Weekend!
Progress always involves risks You can't steal second base with your foot on first - Frederick B. Wilcox.

Finished helping wifey plant flowers. Was thinking, I need to plant some thoughts with you. Good evening. Hope you had a great day!

Phat Site of the Night! Neph's Kinky Kreations©. http://www.nephskinkykreati... Handle your Biz!

"Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success" Abdul Kalam. Success is coming your way, keep focused, on track!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Declare Your Independence! Start Your Own Business

Mike check 1,2, 3. My own blog. I have been communicating for a couple of months now thru Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Now its Blog Time. Thanks Blogger!.

So as we approach the weekend and some of us take some time off to enjoy, family, friends, vacation, Celebrate the Fouth of July. STOP. THINK.

Could I use another income stream. Do I hate my job. Do I need to get another one? Have you always wanted to be in business for yourself. This is it, now is the time for action. Declare Your Independence!. Get your piece of the American Dream. Start your own business!

We are going to provide you with links, resources and offers to help you on your way. So as you enjoy the fireworks, explode your income and opportunities.



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