Saturday, January 30, 2010

Resolve To Succeed

It's that time of year again. Millions, perhaps even billions, of well intentioned people will be making (and breaking) their New Year's Resolutions. A select few are actually even sticking to their resolutions. Which category do you fall into? Do any of your resolutions involve your home Internet business? Is 2010 going to be just "more of the same" or is this the year you finally break out and achieve your goals?

Many home-based business owners are asking themselves those exact same questions right about now. And here's a shocking statistic for you ... if 2013 is anything like recent years, 96% of those home business owners will fail. Some will fail for lack of effort or lack of intestinal fortitude - they will simply quit the moment they encounter an obstacle or two.

If you're one of those people, you can stop reading this blog right now, because we don't have anything for you. If you lack the inner strength and persistence to fight through the challenges, there are no tools, techniques or strategies that will alter your fortunes. Here's the cold hard truth - you are going to face challenges and tough times - every business does. No amount of technology is going to change that. It's what you do in the face of adversity that determines your future.

Unfortunately, there are also a good many committed and self-motivated home business owners who will fail in 2013. Their failures will not be from lack of effort or hard work. They will fail because they lack the proper tools to compete in today's Internet landscape. If you are serious about making this your year, it's time to put technology to work for you, instead of the other way around. Remember the old saying, "People don't duplicate, but systems do."

To your success,

Skip Boykin

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Success By Choice (NOT By Chance)

Accomplishing your goals in life, doesn’t happen by accident. You don’t accidentally lose 25 pounds. You don’t accidentally become fit enough to run a marathon. You don’t accidentally become a great parent or role model. Tiger Woods didn't accidentally become the best golfer on the planet. And you won’t accidentally become one of the top earners in a company ... and you will never ever accidentally become successful.

Success is never accidental ... it is very, very intentional.

That being said, there is also a common misconception about success that has held on like an old wives tale over the years …you might think that it is “you” that is seeking success, but the truth is ... success that is aggressively seeking you!

Meet success halfway

It is no coincidence that you are continuously barraged by the evidence of others Success. Whether it is the photos on the cover of magazines as you stand in line at the grocery store, or the luxury vehicles you see on the street, the exquisite homes you drive by or see on TV…or the buff and beautiful bodies that seem to flaunt themselves in front of you,…ALL these things are meant to incite your innate instincts like a red flag in front of a bull. They are meant to be flagrant examples of wealth and health…for they are ‘the tools’ Success uses to reveal itself and get your attention!

Success collaborates with the Universe to compel you to look for, reach for and search for ... ‘more’ in life. That ‘unsettling’ feeling you experience as you observe the success of others - is the UNFULFILLED POTENTIAL within YOU screaming for fulfillment! “That should be me! That is how I should be living, that is what I should have!” it says.

Get more out of life

That uneasy feeling is the potential within you rebelling against the life you have relegated yourself to. The choices you have made, and not made, for yourself..…when more was, and is, possible!

How you answer that inner cry for fulfillment will determine the course of your life.

Some people choose to ignore their potential and spend their lives despising the messengers of success – Telling themselves that life is unfair and success is just a cruel child waving an ice cream cone in the face of one that is poor. That is a choice.

Others, will see the examples of success and use them as a catalyst to propel themselves forward in the pursuit of their own dreams, they see others Success as proof that it is there to be had! That is also a choice.

As Jim Rohn said: “Don’t wish that life was easier – wish that you were better. Don’t wish for less problems – wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge – wish for more wisdom. Don’t wish for THINGS to change – YOU CHANGE.”

You can make changes

If you have not connected with success in life yet, success IS seeking you, so choose a path that allows it to find you!

To your success,
Skip Boykin

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Friday, January 22, 2010

What It Takes To Succeed In Business

Depending on who you listen to, there are somewhere between 120 million and 150 million entrepreneurs working from home. Again, depending on where you get your statistics from, a staggering 94-96% of those home-based business owners will not succeed with their enterprise. These figures are troubling for those of us who have achieved success in this amazing industry. Is there a hidden success formula that only a select few stumble upon?

For some time now, we have been wondering, "Why is it that some home business owners experience such fantastic results and others struggle to even get their business off the ground?" We have studied the industry and compiled a short list of major characteristics that determine success.

en·tre·pre·neur [ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noor] a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Fortunately for home-based Internet Entrepreneurs, we can minimize the risk as long as we maximize the initiative. We do want to preface this list with the following disclaimer - we have seen all types of individuals, from all walks of life, with all different backgrounds and skill sets succeed in their chosen home business. the 2 most important things that determine your success will be:

1. Persistent Commitment - this can best be described by the following sports cliché, "Refuse to lose." The most successful people in this business are not always the most talented, they are those who just never give up. This attitude starts with the belief in yourself, your team, and the industry. You can be certain that you will face challenges on the path to success, how you react to them will determine your fate. You must have the dedication and drive to make it work ... no matter what!

2. Productive Action - the best planning and systems will do you no good without consistent AND productive action. You can have the most compelling websites, state-of-the-art Flash movies, and fantastic emails ... but if nobody sees them you are simply spinning your wheels. It all comes back to the famous question, "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, does it make a sound?" Your websites and business will be like that forgotten tree if you don't consistently take action and drive traffic to your site(s).

So once we start with the foundation of Persistent Commitment and Persistent Action, what other attributes will contribute to your success in your home Internet business? The list below is by no means all inclusive, but it will give you a good start:

* Optimism – eternal optimism is the fuel that can drive you to dizzying heights, especially when you encounter frequent challenges. Those who view challenges as just another test and focus on the solution typically succeed. If every home business owner threw in the towel when they encountered challenges, we wouldn't have any home business owners. Always see the glass as half full, make that full (half with water, half with air) and you have given yourself a great chance to reach the top.

* Consistency – the top people in any field always practice their craft. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Pele did not rise to the top of their respective sports by practicing when they felt like it. Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand did not become megastars by showing up for rehearsals when they were in the mood. They decided what they wanted and consistently worked at it. The same is true with your home business.

* Creativity – thinking outside the box. Expanding one’s mind beyond conventional thinking. There are hundreds of way to build a home business, and who's to say which is the best. The key thing is to always be 'pushing the envelope', learning new techniques, and stimulating your brain. What the mind and conceive and believe, it can achieve.

* Stability – your team is looking to you for guidance. Stabile, consistent leaders can count on a stabile, consistent team. Make decisions based on thorough research, chart a course (plan of action) and then stick with it. Be stabile enough to handle difficult situations during tough times.

* Charisma – defined as a personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. All good entrepreneurs/leaders possess a certain magic sparkle in their eye and are able to paint pictures of the future. You can't motivate others (they must do it themselves), but you can certainly inspire them.

* Risk-Taking – a true leader (make no mistake, this business is about leading others) is not afraid of taking chances when opportunity presents itself. Successful entrepreneurs understand that often "You have to go out on a limb to find the best fruit." This doesn't mean jumping into things before you complete your due diligence (like all those 'Get in now before it's too late' emails). Intelligent risk taking also includes thorough research and careful planning.

* Energy – couch potatoes rarely become proficient at anything other than the remote control. Successful home business owners are willing to do whatever it takes to reach to the finish line. They understand that balancing their life is also important, so they must have the energy to drive their business and also spend quality time with family and friends. Working overtime is not uncommon on your way to the top.

The wonderful thing about a home Internet business is it provides a level playing field. Anybody can succeed, as long as they are willing to grow, learn, and do what's necessary. When push comes to shove, most people simply aren't willing to do what it takes. Are you? If so ... Think BIG. Act BIG. Make your business dreams come true.

To your success,
Skip Boykin

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Is Entrepreneurship for You?

In business, there are no guarantees. There is simply no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business -- but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, and insight. Start by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as a potential owner and manager of a small business. Carefully consider each of the following questions.

Are you a self-starter? It will be entirely up to you to develop projects, organize your time, and follow through on details.

How well do you get along with different personalities? Business owners need to develop working relationships with a variety of people including customers, vendors, staff, bankers, and professionals such as lawyers, accountants or consultants. Can you deal with a demanding client, an unreliable vendor, or a cranky receptionist if your business interests demand it?

How good are you at making decisions? Small business owners are required to make decisions constantly -- often quickly, independently, and under pressure.

Do you have the physical and emotional stamina to run a business? Business ownership can be exciting, but it's also a lot of work. Can you face six or seven 12-hour work days every week?

How well do you plan and organize? Research indicates that poor planning is responsible for most business failures. Good organization -- of financials, inventory, schedules, and production -- can help you avoid many pitfalls.

Is your drive strong enough? Running a business can wear you down emotionally. Some business owners burn out quickly from having to carry all the responsibility for the success of their business on their own shoulders. Strong motivation will help you survive slowdowns and periods of burnout.

How will the business affect your family? The first few years of business start-up can be hard on family life. It's important for family members to know what to expect and for you to be able to trust that they will support you during this time. There also may be financial difficulties until the business becomes profitable, which could take months or years. You may have to adjust to a lower standard of living or put family assets at risk in the short-term.

Why Small Businesses Fail

Success in business is never automatic. It isn't strictly based on luck -- although a little never hurts. It depends primarily on the owner's foresight and organization. Even then, of course, there are no guarantees.

In his book Small Business Management, Michael Ames gives the following reasons for small business failure:

1. Lack of experience

2. Insufficient capital (money)

3. Poor location

4. Poor inventory management

5. Over-investment in fixed assets

6. Poor credit arrangements

7. Personal use of business funds

8. Unexpected growth

Gustav Berle adds two more reasons in The Do It Yourself Business Book:

9. Competition

10. Low sales

Starting a small business is always risky, and the chance of success is slim. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years.

These figures aren't meant to scare you, but to prepare you for the rocky path ahead. Underestimating the difficulty of starting a business is one of the biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face. However, success can be yours if you are patient, willing to work hard, and take all the necessary steps.

On the Upside

It's true that there are many reasons not to start your own business. But for the right person, the advantages of business ownership far outweigh the risks:

1. You will be your own boss.

2. Hard work and long hours directly benefit you, rather than increasing profits for someone else.

3. Earning and growth potential are far greater.

4. A new venture is as exciting as it is risky.

5. Running a business provides endless challenge and opportunities for learning.

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day Reflection

My last blog entry was in July 2009. Reflecting on my day off, I have a few things that I would like to share with you.

Last September my wife and I got a chance to visit Atlanta, Ga. We visited Martin Luther King's birth home, neighborhood, church, and The King Center. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. in the Homewood section of town. I remember when Martin was shot and the resulting riots. Homewood had a busy business section with a GC Murphy's, hardware store, banks, bakery, movie theater and much more. I remember the burning lumber yard near the railroad tracks and the helicopters flying low over the homes in the area.

My father was the district manager, sales manager for the largest black insurance company at the time. My uncle (we all lived together) was a sales person, entrepreneur and later became a state legislator. One of my father's brothers Ed and his wife (Marie) owned Boykin's Bar-B-Que. At one time they had three locations: the Hill, Homewood and Homestead. People still ask me about Boykin's when they hear my name. That was back in the day when wings had three pieces (smile).

I am thankful for those who have gone before me, my culture and experience. The desire to share in the American Dream, equality, own your own business, contribute to the community and the world is alive and well.

I encourage you to step into your calling, the fullness of who you are, strive for excellence and assume your position. We are here to help you be the best you can be.

I am an employee, licensed health insurance agent, entrepreneur, sales, marketing and customer service professional, father, dad, grandfather, and husband. Glad to help you any way I can.

H.D. Boykin, Jr. (Skip)

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