Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rent-A-List Targeted List Advertising Review

If you've been searching for information on reaching large targeted audiences
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Targeted List Advertising.
And, if you are like me then you probably wondered what the story is
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Well, here's the truth: This list is the real deal.

I'll be the first to admit that I was hesitant
when I first decided to join "" But
after I started advertising my website on this list,
I was literally blown away by the effectiveness of it.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I gained access to their member's
area was that it was easy to navigate and laid out well -- affordable
advertising deals, real-time tracking...and so on.
I know that
sounds like an overwhelming amount of information,
but one of my favorite things about this website -- which you'll discover right away
-- is that it extremely targeted, very effective, can run multiple campaigns,
track and reporting, and very affordable.

Here are some of the major advantages...

1. Precision Targeting Options - Clone Your Best Customers

You'll be able to reach the exact demographics, economic and
behavioral target market and create your own mix of targets in a snap. You
can either choose 1. Standard Targeting. 2. Consumer
. or 3. B2B Targeting.

2. Advertising Reach - Know Exactly How Many Prospects Are

Pull real time subscriber count from our databases and decide
how many prospects you want to reach.

3. Advanced Tracking - Important Data At Your Fingertips

Allows you to run multiple campaigns in multiple channels and
track everything in one area. Number of channels, number of campaigns,
Impressions, clicks, total cost, average cost per clicks and more.

4. Multiple Channels & Competitive Pricing - Drive Down
Your Advertising Costs Dramatically

Drive down your advertising costs by using multiple channels to
reach your audience.

5. - Use Bulk Order Campaigns For Future Promotion

Purchase in bulk and save 30-40-50% during our monthly sale
period. The best part is that you can start your campaigns at any time, when you
are ready.

the best part is that you will see responses as soon as you start
advertising with Rent-A-List.

what impresses me most about this company
is that -- every package comes with an iron-clad guarantee. You can be sure to
hear from them with a 'complete stats report' of your previous campaign.

"" is
considered by many marketers as the most effective marketing site, since it
reaches mass targeted audience. Thousands of marketers use
it on a daily basis and swear that it is The best advertising site out there. I
give this service my absolute highest recommendation.

"Increase revenue from
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Linking You To Your Future. Follow Your Passion. Make A Difference.

Oprah was talking about how bad our education system is on her show today. You have to respect her. She is a self made millionaire using her resources to help other people. "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams" - Oprah Winfrey

America we are fooling ourselves by thinking that we are all that. We are not. There is always room for improvement.

RT @reuters: CEOs back plan to boost math and science education

Science majors desperately needed! 

Some Things to Think About.....

What is the American dream?

Poverty Rises as Wall Street Billionaires Whine via @huffingtonpost

Via @nprnews: Arianna Huffington Sees A 'Third World America'

Poverty Rate Sends Shockwaves

Somethings To Reflect Upon....

Who Am I Meant to Be?
Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be: Where to Start

The Job for You Find Yourself

Ever Consider Starting Your Own Business, Creating Another Stream of Income?

Cash-strapped white-collar workers moonlight too

Entrepreneurship for everyone 

The Entrepreneur’s Pledge I am an Entrepreneur.

How to be an entrepreneur

RT @TPEntrepreneur A list of jobs that may be helpful when moonlighting as an entrepreneur...

10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss  

Backbone of recovery: Small biz 

Part-time Passion Into a Full-Time Enterprise 

Happiness in business? Priceless 

The Business of Being Great 

RT @VentureBeat 5 critical skills entrepreneurs need 

The Entrepreneurial Revolution - Entrepreneur Video Network - 

I am not a writer. There are a lot of people who are and they do it well. I hope these links are helpful and encourage you to step into your calling, be the best you can be and help somebody.

Helping you get your piece of the American Dream. Consider US a resource.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

Nine years ago on September 11th, I watched the events unfold on tv in a hotel in Tempe, Arizona.  I had been sent there by Wireless Retail for training.  At the time I had the opportunity to start up cell phone kiosks in Sam's Clubs, Walmarts and Kmarts in the Pittsburgh area. During that time I operated eleven locations in two states and managed about thirty five employees. So it was a good time, but I remember planes not flying for a portion of the week. When I returned home by plane on Saturday, well airports have not been the same since.

Sept. 11 Remembered

God Bless America. Never Forget.

Visiting Ground Zero, Asking Allah for Comfort

Moving forward. I pray that we understand that we all have a purpose.

Each day is a gift, we must strive for excellence to be the best we can be. 

Step into our calling and help somebody.




Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker.

U.S. Department of Labor

Schools are back in session, summer is over fall is on the way. It is truly a change in seasons.  Change is good. Step into your calling and the fullness of who you are called to be. Declare your freedom today.

Should 'Franchisee' Be Your Next Job Title? - franchise advantage -

The Basics of Starting a Home-Based Business -

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What is the American dream?

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Could Drinking Water Before Meals Help You Lose Weight?

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There’s a Lot of Cash Out There

How to Run, Get Online, and Promote Your Business with Google Tools

What Makes Entrepreneurs Tick

The Art of Thinking Clearly Under Great Pressure      

Global directory of vacation rental homes, condos, cottages, villas available for rent / owner    

If you have never been to Puerto Rico, here is a great place to start. This was our base of operations . last   We had a chance to visit recently. Excellent.

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Promote Your Biz - 3 Free Websites - More!

RT @TPEntrepreneur A list of jobs that may be helpful when moonlighting as an entrepreneur...  
Small Business Survival Guide 2010 via @forbes

Backbone of recovery: Small biz

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Will you get rich..

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via @huffingtonpost: 10 Sustainable Spots in Pittsburgh #smarterplanet
Cassis is great place with great food. Check it out: Dianne Porter, Proprietor

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