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Michael Taynor was motivated to succeed in the world of home business. On Social Security disability from an injury sustained during his childhood, Taynor was desperate to come out on top. For 10 years, he gave the effort everything he had, signing up with 10 successive programs. With excellent offers and attractive compensation plans, the opportunities seemed like the perfect solution for Taynor. Yet the programs' other common thread - relying on distributors to actually recruit and sell - created a barrier that Taynor simply couldn't overcome, and led him into a downward spiral of failure.

These days, Taynor jokes about belonging to the NFL - "No Friends Left." He can afford to laugh now. The eleventh program he bought into solved his decade-long quest for home business success. "I finally struck gold," Taynor exclaimed while sitting in his Bethalto, Illinois, home. "I made one last bet on Auto Business Builder and it began paying off in the first week!"

Taynor, along with thousands of other people, was attracted to Auto Business Builder's (ABB) simple proposal. The company promised a totally passive solution that encompassed list building, selling, and multiple income streams.

Most people new to a home business quickly learn that they have to be skilled in both marketing and sales. The majority isn't, and frustration and failure follow one after the next. For years, network marketers have been searching for real solutions to these age-old problems.

One company, In Touch Marketing out of Clearwater, Florida, had been helping thousands of home business clients with lead generation and constructing cutting-edge websites. The president of the company, Bob Cefail, had been asked for years to add one more service to its portfolio - selling.

The challenge in providing that service was that In Touch Marketing needed to have a team of extremely qualified sales professionals that could represent a wide variety of home businesses. No call center Cefail checked out met his standards. "There really wasn't a technological solution that could effectively sell multiple programs for distributors," Cefail explained. "I wasn't excited about using standard telemarketing, call centers if you will, because the quality of the salespeople didn't make the grade."

Finally, after months of searching, Cefail found a technology that made Auto Business Builder possible. A high-tech internet-based calling system that anyone could access worldwide made it possible for In Touch Marketing to recruit top pros from around the world.

"I wanted salespeople who were not only good at selling, but who were also involved in the home business world," said Cefail. "I have a giant database of over a million-and-a-half home business prospects. I simply sent out a recruitment email and I was flooded with responses."

The sales force now employed by In Touch Marketing is considered by many to be the best of the best. "In 30 years of sales management, I've never had a team of pros approach the quality of my folks now," Cefail declared. "With the virtual internet calling system I now have, my sales people simply log on to any computer and the system places 100 calls an hour for each salesperson."

Cefail's office is unique in that he has multiple computer panels tracking every phase of his service in real time. One computer screen shows prospect visits hitting all of the ABB member sites that are using the company for prospect generation. Another panel displays the results of live phone broadcast campaigns. Call transfers, answering machine messages, and unanswered calls are shown simultaneously as a phone broadcast deluges thousands of prospects with calls. A third panel displays real-time leads and a fourth displays all sales just as the sale is completed.

If subscribers wish to be passive, the Auto Business Builder system removes all of the marketing, sales, recruitment, and follow-up of customer support out of their hands. Some ABB members, however, want to participate in various aspects of prospect attraction. No one wants to handle the sales actions, but for those who want to build their prospect list through free means, ABB provides training from both a training web site and live webinars.

At the core of the Auto Business Builder system is the 10-point system of selling, which emphasizes follow-up and persistence. Anchored by a hard-core team of professional salespeople, the system works a prospect through a surprisingly robust series of sales steps. All of the ABB member websites contain a piece of software that automatically initiates a telephone call to a prospect after he or she completes the online information form. Imagine the surprise of a prospect when the phone rings and he or she discovers that a live sales professional is on the line, ready to talk.

The next thing that the prospect learns is that he or she can enjoy a $1,200 gas and grocery benefit just for trying the system for a month. The prospect can choose from either that benefit or a significant cash discount. According to Cefail, both immediate sign-up benefits were designed to thwart procrastination.

For those people who don't immediately sign up for ABB, the sales process is far from over. Daily emails are delivered to their in boxes, educating them about the system and inviting them to special live Internet briefings that are offered six times a week. Phone broadcast and daily follow up calls by the ABB sales team continue to pepper prospects. Special incentives to purchase the ABB membership are continuously developed to speed up the registration process. "It takes an average of eight quality contacts to close an ABB prospect," Cefail specified. "This is the type of comprehensive sales effort it takes to be successful in business. Most opportunities gloss over this point."

What surprises many when they first approach ABB are the live Internet events, which are fashioned after the success of hotel meetings carried out by network marketing companies over the past 40 years. The hotel meetings were successful thanks to the power of numbers. When prospects come to a hotel meeting and see that 50 to 100 other people have shown up, their confidence in their own decision to attend rises dramatically. By using the same "strength in numbers" philosophy with the convenience of a computer meeting place, In Touch Marketing experiences sales results that were previously unthinkable. As many as a third of all attendees ultimately sign up for ABB - a statistic most sales organizations only dream about.

Ultimately, the sales machine is not only devoted to signing up prospects for the ABB service, but also to build multiple income streams for each member. "People cannot depend on just one company for their income," cautioned Cefail. "I can't tell you how many times I've heard stories of someone making thousands of dollars with one program, only to have the earnings evaporate overnight. Maybe the compensation plan changes or the company goes out of business. Government regulations can shut them down. The only solution is not to put all of your eggs in one basket."

The ABB sales force initially attempts to close all the member's prospects so that they sign up for the ABB system, thereby earning $200 for each sale. Then, the sales efforts turn toward building the member's existing home businesses. The same comprehensive sales philosophy and system are deployed for this secondary team-building step.

The Auto Business Builder revolution hit an even higher plateau with the recent launch of the ABB Joint Venture Exchange. The singular feature that attracts so many people to ABB involves the ability to participate in over 15 separate mainstream home businesses without having to pay any sign-up costs or monthly fees. This approach eliminates the risk of depending upon a single revenue stream, while paving the road to long-term financial independence.

Offering a veritable buffet of choices, the Joint Venture Exchange allows every ABB member to register for any or all of numerous home business programs. Once an ABB member registers, the ABB sales staff actively markets each approved program to every single one of the respective member's prospects. Now, for the first time, virtually every person starting out in the home business world can enjoy cash flow from a multitude of opportunities.

Thanks to the Joint Venture Exchange, ABB sales staff ratchet up closings, and thus opportunities for success. Just as a shopping mall offers more choices than a stand-alone store, the Exchange presents more than15 different mainstream home businesses. Ranging from weight loss to travel programs, the Exchange has offers that are attractive to virtually every type of home business prospect.

Michael Taynor embodies Joint Venture Exchange's success. After a decade of dead ends, he credits ABB with turning his business - and his life - around. "ABB has built up my prospect list with hundreds of interested people," he attests. "Knowing that they have a good shot at selling something to many of those people makes me so happy that it's sometimes hard to sleep."

ABB's unique revenue-sharing plan showers members with rewards, even cutting them in on upfront commissions earned during the initial sale. A real-world example involving Global Resorts Network perfectly illustrates the generosity of the ABB plan. An initial commission of $1,000 is earned on each GRN sale. ABB pays the sales person a 25% gross commission on the sale, leaving $750. Rather than throwing the member a crumb of the remainder, ABB elected to split the $750 straight down the middle. This 50/50 arrangement thrills ABB members, and enables them to see near-instant returns.

The Auto Business Builder system fits like a glove for home business first-timers who know little about team building, as well as for experienced team leaders who have large lists. The big players love ABB because they can generate an entirely new income stream from ABB affiliates sales, as well as ensuring that a larger percentage of their team is truly active. Plus, they enjoy the luxury of having a sales force handle all of their ABB sales.

The combination of benefits, generous compensation, and professional sales support leaves members giddy with delight and has led ABB to experience ballistic growth. "In the face of a worldwide recession, we have been experiencing double-digit growth rates each week," said Cefail while keeping one eye on his computer panels. "When it comes to innovation in home business opportunities, we really are the only game in town." To get in on that game and get the ball rolling, dash over to

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