Thursday, November 17, 2011

Partnership Opportunity. Learn, Earn, Share.‏‏

Club-Asteria Club Asteria

I don't want to try and convince you of how wonderful Club Asteria is.
I only want to tell you that Club Asteria is different than anything you've heard up till now.
You see, at Club Asteria, a portion of every dollar earned helps another needy person somewhere in the world that truly needs the help. So you can actually help stop the cycle of poverty by becoming successful in Club Asteria.

The More You Earn, The More You Help Change The World!

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There is nothing like it anywhere.
What's even better is that Club Asteria allows you to help yourself and others by giving you products, resources and support that are not only effective but are needed by 100% of the people that have any kind of internet offer.

Low Cost International Money Transfers

You can offer international money transfers at less than 1/6 the price of places like Western Union and Moneygram. This alone is a multibillion dollar a year industry and Club Asteria has jumped in with a product that will grab a huge percentage of this business in the years to come.
You also have access to a complete ecommerce business that is already setup and ready for you to start benefiting from and offering the highest quality advertising products and services available anywhere.

You can immediately start offering things like...

[x] Email Marketing Services
[x] Social Media Advertising
[x] Targeted Email Leads
[x] B2B Marketing Databases
[x] Instructional Products

These are all services that every single person with any type of internet offer needs. The prices are unbeatable and you will quickly become the go to person for all types of advertising.
Plus, a lot of these products are free with a Gold Level membership that costs less than $20/mo.

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There's more if you want to hear it.......

Club Asteria understands that the path to true change is via education and we have put together a complete educational system for people from all levels of education. Our ecommerce education is sure to become the standard for internet marketing education.
You can have access to the entire library!
If that's not enough, Club-Asteria shares 30% of every dollar earned with our members every week!

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Club Asteria has already helped people all over the world with things like cows for farming, micro loans for business startups, educational support and a wide range of other philanthropic endeavors.
Everything with the help of people just like you that want to make a difference but can't afford to donate their existing income. Club Asteria can not only help you do that, it can completely replace your existing income and can become a lifelong partner in your life and in your goals.

Join me and let's change the world together with Club Asteria!

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To your success.........

Skip Boykin

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