Thursday, December 19, 2013

Real Estate Investors Of The World UNITE!”

Announcing the launch of the “community” version of

It’s new.

It’s sexy.

And best of all … it’s FREE.

I’ve spent the past 8 months and a kajillion dollars building
a single platform so we can learn, interact, and do deals

The Mission: To UNITE active real estate investors in these
turbulent times and to give you 24/7 access to ..

1) The Cutting-Edge Information

2) The Key People

3) The Specific Deals

.. you need right now to be successful.

No more outdated, incorrect information.

No more wondering what your next move is.

No more struggling to find the RIGHT deals.

No more feeling alone in this business.

No more wallowing in doubt and fear and self-pity.

Instead, as a member you have:

The “Real Estate Investing 101″ Guide, which gives you

the step-by-step blueprint to your first deal. Get It Free »

The Learn Module, with one powerful real estate investing

lesson per day from our faculty of 32 experts. Get It Free »

The Interact Module, for solutions to 1000s of common

real estate investing hurdles you’ll run into. Get It Free »

The Deals Module, with 1.3 million wholesale, pre-foreclosure,

REO, & other properties waiting for you right this second. Get It Free »

Your very own Mogul Profile Page to act as your “virtual

business card.” Sync it up to your existing Facebook,

Twitter, and other social accounts for maximum exposure

and deal-making opportunities. Get It Free »

This video explains everything …

Talk to you on the inside!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Work From Home

Earn from home
Earn from home

I am writing this today with thoughts of all the parents,
grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc who are sick and tired of
missing out on their loved ones.

See, I know where you are at.  

I was there once. 

Missing my family day in and day out.

Slaving at a J.O.B. too tired at the end of the day to 
have quality time with my kids.

But, No more!

====> My husband and I are now stay at home parents.

How is this possible?

It is a combination of several things …

1. The Internet.

2. The home based business industry.

3. A great online marketing system & community.

4. Our passion for our kids.

5. Our drive to succeed.

Let me break this down for a moment…


Before the Internet went main stream, it was more challenging 
to build a business from home. Sure people did it, but the 
Internet has given us an automated reach anywhere in the 
world that did not exist before.

The Internet has also made it possible to create income 
from many sources, hence diversifying our income portfolio 
and protecting our efforts.

The Internet has also created an opportunity to automate 
boring [and yucky] tasks that a lot of people cannot or 
just will not do on their own. This has opened up the playing 
field for anyone who has a strong work ethic and great 
attitude to succeed.


Say what you want about the home based industry as a 
whole, but for us, it has meant …

 Income without the stress of a job. 
 ...No punching the clock.
 ...No having to call in sick.
 ...No missing out on our kids important events.
 ...Playing with our son several hours every day.
 The list goes on and on…

The home based business industry also allowed us to start 
with a small amount of capital [as compared to a traditional 
brick and mortar business] and build our income with solid 
and consistent effort.


This is often the missing ingredient for so many attempting 
to start an income from home.

Newbies [and sometimes veterans alike] know they need tools 
and education, but have no clue where to start.  They end 
up spending way to much money “trying” this or that, only 
to become frustrated.

Jason and I have been fortunate to plug into a fantastic 
community of people.  We teach marketers to do three simple 
things to create income online.  

You can learn more about our community and simple 3 step 
plan, contact your Viral Express support team by click the 
link below:


This has been the driving WHY behind everything we do.  
Nothing is more important to us than our children.

Our passion for our kids has seen us through every pothole 
in the road, every obstacle, every challenge we have faced 
in business.

Yep, that is right.  If you are going to create a full 
time income from home, you WILL face challenge after 
challenge.  And those challenges come from every which 

Family and friends who thing you are crazy. Technology that 
is not working right. People in the business who disappoint 
you. Effort and money you invest that does not pan out to 
your expectations, etc. etc.

If you do not have a strong enough reason WHY you are working 
to create an income from home, it is easy to become distracted, 
veer of course or even quit on yourself.

For us, all it takes is looking at our kids to remind us 
that we must always press forward no matter what.  Our 
kids deserve it!


Our kids also give us the drive to succeed. What does 
this include?

First and foremost we work on ourselves every day. We read 
books and listen to speakers who teach and inspire us.

We never quit learning. Knowing there is always more to 
learn, more to do and another level waiting for us to conquer 
it, keeps the drive to succeed fresh and forever fueled.

So let me finish this off the way it began ….

My husband and I are stay at home parents.

How is this possible?

The bottom line?

Because we can and we are.

Contact your Viral Express support team today and tell them
you are ready to get started!

We believe in you and your ability to take action!

Leading the way,

Christy Ivkovich
Executive Founding Member

Viral Express Marketing ...
Where Your Business is Our Business

... Real People 
... Real Networking 
... Real Results


Saturday, December 7, 2013

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