Saturday, September 21, 2013

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What do you think??

What would you do???


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Business Owners: Free Advertising

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exercise changes you..

Well it is Monday! Have a great week everyone!

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LOOK: This Is Your Body On Exercise

LOOK: This Is Your Body On Exercise | itsyourbiz |

 Whether you do it to lose weight, to reach a fitness goal or — dare we say it? — just for fun, exercise changes you.

How to lose weight on a budget

How to lose weight on a budget | itsyourbiz |

 Healthy choices don’t have to cost big bucks—these tips may help you save money and be healthier


Lies of the Health and Fitness Industry Exposed

 Let’s start with a simple truth that helps feed the big, fat health and fitness lie. That truth is that the average person would much prefer to go on a diet or take a pill rather than exercise. This is why the fitness industry, at $17.6 billion in annual revenue, pales in comparison with the diet and weight loss industry, which exceeds $40 billion. Even the supplement industry, with more than $20 billion in annual revenue, outperforms the fitness industry. Yet with a success rate of sustained weight loss as low as 5 percent, more than 50 million Americans line up each year to go on a diet. Why?The answer is simple. When people think about exercise, they relate it to work. Even the phrase we use to describe exercise is to “workout.” The truth is that the average American spends the majority of waking life working. Who wants more work? We want to play. We want to relax. We want to escape from the reality of work, Exercise is the last thing we want to do. Instead, we want a shortcut, and the desire for a quick fix is an open invitation for health and fitness parasites.

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